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If you searched google for holistic massage therapist, this image showed up for Fit Form Bodywork that offers a massage experience you don’t want to miss. The headline says “more about my journey as a healing massage therapist” This is a close-up image of a massage therapist using open palms and thumb pressure into a woman’s right shoulder. The woman is lying flat, face turned forward with head and shoulders on a tan pillow.


This image appears on the about page for Fit Form Bodywork. The image is of John Alford, the owner, and wholistic massage therapist. He is looking directly at the camera and smiling. He has pale skin, medium short brown hair, and a dark short-cut beard and mustache. He is wearing a thin black weatherproof jacket. The background is a green mountainous landscape in the difference and he is surrounded by green grass.


I’m John, the owner of Fit Form Bodywork. 
I imagine you’ve arrived here today, like so many of my clients, looking for just the right massage therapist. Maybe your aches and pains are driving you to distraction. Or perhaps it’s time to take a much-needed break from your everyday stressors. 
I’m happy to let you know, you’ve come to the right place. 
For more than 10 years I have been helping people move through life challenges and into a better place physically and mentally. I’m absolutely passionate about helping every client improve their experience so they can live their best life. 

So great to see you!
This is the logo for Fit Form Bodywork in Eugene, Or 97402 owned by John Alford a LMT –  licensed massage therapist who provides holistic massage therapy for improved health. The logo has a silhouette of a human standing and surrounded by a circular galaxy constellation. Around this image are circular waves of different shades of blue. There are multiple layers of waves and they are even. When the waves end they are surrounded by a white circle and then a very thin black circle.


Holistic Massage Therapy Just For You

At Fit Form Bodywork, I strive to provide a holistic massage experience that is both relaxing and healing to the mind and body. You can expect a fresh assessment of your goals with every appointment.


What you want and need is my top priority. I will make sure to adapt your massage experience accordingly. I want you to leave your appointment in a better place than when you arrived.  

You may have searched near massage in Eugene, Oregon, and found the Fit Form Bodywork Mission statement, Holistic Massage Therapy Just For You. Below the mission is an image of a woman lying on her back, eyes closed on a massage table covered by a white blanket. She is covered to her shoulders by a white blanket. Her skin is light colored, an orange flower is tucked over her left ear and she has dark brown hair. The massage therapist is holding her face on either side, giving a face massage and she is smiling lightly and looks relaxed. The photo is taken from above looking town with the shadow of a tree falling around them.


I started my journey in bodywork education in 2010 and have been fascinated ever since. For the first 5 years of my career, I worked alongside chiropractors and physical therapists.


This broadened my understanding of injury, body dynamics, stressors, and different paths to pain management. 
Then I branched out into hospice where I learned how to provide comfort, assist in pain management, and improve mobility and relaxation for the terminally ill. 
Throughout my career, I've continued to study a range of modalities. This led me to become an ACE Certified Personal Trainer. Learning about exercise and strength training enhanced my understanding of the many bodywork paths to wellness. 

When working with clients I enjoy combining all the skills I’ve gained throughout my career. I love creating personalized plans that meet your goals and help you achieve the best results possible. 

With that in mind, I formed Fit Form Bodywork where I continue to proudly serve my clients. I strive to give each person the best massage experience possible.

In the experience section of Fit Form Bodywork, John describes his education and background in holistic massage therapy. The image is of a table with a rolled towel on top of a flat white towel that sits next to 4 tea light candles that are lit. 2 candles appear red, the other two are white. A purple tulip lies next to the candles. There are two other unidentifiable items on the table faded in the back, possibly taller jar candles.


By looking for the education, license, and membership section, you come to this image. The room is white, a tall white glass-doored cabinet is in the background with items on the shelf. In front of it is a bed of some type with white leather like mattress and a pale wood armrest. 3 rolled towels sit at the end of the bed in the foreground of the image. There are two herbal massage balls sitting on top of the towels with a tan linen wrap.

  • Hot Stone Massage

  • Sports Massage

  • Deep Tissue Massage

  • Tendon Structuring 

  • Functional Methods

  • Medical Massage

  • Swedish Massage

  • Myofascial Release

  • Trigger Point Therapy

  • Thai Massage

Formal training included: 

I graduated from the Massage Therapy Program at LCC in 2012

This is the official logo for the Oregon Board of Massage Therapists. It is a round black logo against a white background with a crest and a bird. The logo states “STATE OF OREGON 1859”.


OBMT Licensed Massage Therapist since 2013 - LMT# 19570


This image contains the logo for abmp, the associated bodywork & massage professionals. The logo has abmp expectmore on the left and “Member of Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals” to the right.

Fit Form Bodywork

Oak Street: 1607 Oak St, Eugene, OR 97401

Terpening Terrace: 50 Ruby Avenue, Eugene, OR 97404

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