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If you are in Eugene Oregon, you probably found this image by searching for massage therapy near me. You’ve landed on the Fit Form Bodywork website, Where we provide Holistic Massage Therapy For Improved Health. In this image, you see two male hands in a fist with thumbs massaging a woman's back. She is lying on her stomach. You see just her back and the top of her head. Her hair is in a large bun that sticks up. Her hair color is strawberry blond. The massage therapist is wearing white pants, but you can only see his hands in the foreground and his body faded in the background.



This is the logo for Fit Form Bodywork in Eugene, Or 97402 owned by John Alford a LMT –  licensed massage therapist who provides holistic massage therapy for improved health. The logo has a silhouette of a human standing and surrounded by a circular galaxy constellation. Around this image are circular waves of different shades of blue. There are multiple layers of waves and they are even. When the waves end they are surrounded by a white circle and then a very thin black circle.
your journey to better health starts here


At Fit Form Bodywork you will receive some of the best massage therapy in Eugene, Oregon. This image shows the relaxing massage experience you can have with our experienced massage therapist. This close-up image shows a woman from the shoulders up who is lying flat, face up, on a massage table. She is laying on a blue patterned blanket, a dark blue pillow, and covered with a blue and white striped blanket. Her hair is dark and pulled up, eyes closed and a man is cradling her neck and head as if giving her a massage.

Getting a good massage feels like being reborn into a happier body. There’s nothing better than that zen feeling, where your muscles melt back into the shape they’re supposed to be in.


The pain starts lifting, you can move your body again, and all those stressors fade into the background. 


Finally, your body matches your ambition, and you realize, I think I’ve got this now.  


Just imagine how incredible that feels!


When you get a massage at Fit Form Bodywork, my goal is to help relieve your everyday challenges that express themselves in your physical body. 

So much more than a relaxing experience, I provide a full life approach to your massage. My focus is on improving your short and long term health and well-being.


I offer the following massage styles and provide recommendations based on your specific needs.

  • Thai Massage

  • Myofascial Release

  • Sports Massage

  • Trigger Point Therapy

  • Swedish Massage

  • Hot Stone Therapy

  • Deep Tissue Massage


So, would you like to have lasting change in your life? Where you own your body again, instead of it owning you?

I’d love to help make that a reality. Give me a call today, or book an appointment to start your journey to a better life!

This is the slide show with testimonials describing the benefits of massage therapy specific to their experience. In this image, you see a young woman lying on her back from the chest up with her head turned away to the left. Female hands are providing a neck and head massage. The woman has dark and thick, very straight black hair in a high bun. Skin has pale skin.
John gives hands down the best massage I've ever had!

He is intuitive and knows exactly what your body needs. My saving grace for a back full of issues, to keep the activity and sanity going. I highly recommend him for attention to any ailment, or simply to treat yourself to a fantastic massage!

Crystal B.

Fit Form Bodywork

Oak Street: 1607 Oak St, Eugene, OR 97401

Terpening Terrace: 50 Ruby Avenue, Eugene, OR 97404

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